Green Corvette to Race

April 23, 2009
Fox 12 TV
Mankato, MN

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It's Earth Day... and one company in Mankato is helping a racecar driver in his race around the globe.News 12's Erick Lind tells us how this innovative pit crew is helping the car go green.(Engine starting)Jerry Price has been racing cars his whole life.He starts The Great Race on July 26th.It's a race that hasn't been held in 100 years going from New York to Los Angeles, then Shanghai to Paris.Price is competing in the "Innovation Class", going against other vehicles using alternative fuels.After realizing his 2007 Corvette didn't have enough, he turned to a Mankato company.Price says, "When the race came up, I thought 'what better company that has a lot of the power and technology than getting them involved in the conversion.'"When Price decided he wanted to add even more options, he turned to the city of Mankato where Acme Alternate Fuel Systems who fitted the car for propane, butane, and methane.Acme Alternate Fuel Systems' Wendy Johnson says, "I guess we're not surprised. We're thrilled that he did, but we're a leader in the propane fuel system industry so we're kind of the place where people come."The company put in a second carburetor, injector system, and computer.Price plans on winning the 23,500 mile race using mainly propane, ethanol, and gasoline.Price adds, "I can actually travel 750 miles in this car. Averages between 30 and 32 miles per gallon and will do 180 miles per hour...that's not bad (laughs)."Whatever the outcome, the race will give international exposure to Acme's work.Johnson says, "It's exciting for Acme Alternate Fuel Systems as well as being in the city of Mankato, that we have a part of a piece of history like this going across the U.S., going across the world."Price knows the true focus of the race is to show how to alleviate dependence on gasoline.Price says, "If we're going to cure the energy crisis, it's called running a vehicle on three different fuels, not two different, not just one, because then you're not're not captive to one supplier."If the drivers can do that, then Mother Earth may come away the big winner.In Mankato, Erick Lind, News 12.