• 2007 C6 Z51 39K Miles Custom Color Trim Combination
  • 2007 C6 Z51 39K Miles Custom Color Trim Combination
  • 2007 C6 Z51 39K Miles Custom Color Trim Combination
  • 2007 C6 Z51 39K Miles Custom Color Trim Combination

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    Default 2007 C6 Z51 39K Miles Custom Color Trim Combination

    My father is getting ready to sell his 2007 C6 Vet with 39k Miles in great condition. Its located in Miami Florida. The Vet has always been kept in an AC Garage by him as well as the previous owner. He own multiple vehicles so this Vet only gets driven under nice weather.

    He is curious as to what he really has in his hands. He bought the Vet from a boutique dealer and it was marketed as some sort of special edition Grand Sport Vet. At the time of purchase he just cared that the Vet was in phenomenal brand new condition and he loved how it looks and sounds.

    He knows that in 2007 no GrandSport's were manufactured and this Vet does NOT have the GrandSport components, as wider body and tires; but nonetheless, the vehicle is Badged with the GrandSport emblems. He has the Window Sticker and Production Data that states that the car has Option "Code D30" reflecting a Factory Original Custom Color and Trim Combination. Only 199 of this samples were built in 2007: 121 Coupes and 78 Convertibles. Nowhere in the paperwork does it say anything about GrandSport, so he does not know what to make of the Badging?

    According to the Dealer that sold him the car, the engine is autographed by the Corvette Race Team Drivers and the main designers/engineers. I'm attaching a Picture of the signatures in the Motor.


    ANY INPUT IN HOW MUCH HE CAN GET FOR THIS VET? He's Looking to get $20-22K; but hes not clear if this is realistic...

    VIN # 1G1YY26U175136421

    2LT Package

    Z51 Performance Package

    Cobalt Red Leather Interior

    LeMans Blue Metallic and interior Trim Combination

    Engine: 6.0L V8 LS2

    6 Speed Manual Transmissions

    MGW Short Throw Shifter: MGW Aftermarket Racing Shifters

    K&N Air Filters

    Ported & Polished Throttle Body

    Custom Exhaust; Sounds Awesome and like no other Vet! Just Amazing! Sounds Mean and Aggressive, Great Sound Level if you love to hear the melody of the power plant, but want to be considerate to your fellow Citizens.

    Custom Diffuser

    Dyno Tuned

    Removable Roof Panel

    Hes 58 and has never abused his vehicles; He's never redlined, raced or abused this car in any way.

    Vehicle has always been garaged kept in an Air Conditioned Garage.

    Meticulously maintained with AmsOil Fluids.

    He'll be listing the car on eBay in the coming weeks. He will also be posting some good pictures as he gets ready to list it.

    Thank you for any input 4-jpg3-jpg2-jpg1-jpg5-jpg

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    Run the vin through your local Chevy dealer, they should be able to give you all the sales codes on that vin number.

    Someone probably added the Grand Sport badges.
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    First off....Welcome to CAC! As for the rarity of the car....I'm no expert, but, it does appear that the color combo is unusual...like the 96 Grand Sports. But I don't recall (and I could be wrong) a special edition like that in 2007. I believe, what he has, is an owner modified (tastefully done IMO) special color combo 2007. Is it worth more? Maybe to the right person. I think the asking price is fair for the condition and miles. The color combo could be a plus (to the right person) but like those 96s with that combo, it takes a special person. I like it!
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