I was getting my DD worked on last friday and I was reading an article in Car&Driver magazine and I thought you guys would get a kick out of this writers ( Shaun Bailey) statement about the LS-9. They were doing some kind of "Sports Car shoot out" Called 'Culture Clash' and the guy just got out of the 2010 Red Corvette ZR1. He said and I quote

"The Corvette ZR1 is a monster. It takes a brave man, A smooth surface and plenty of straight tarmac to fully experience the ZR!'s accelerative gusto through the first four gears of it's robust yet percise-shifting 6 speed manual. This pavement-Shredding straight-line power breed is a experience not forgotten anytime soon."

This was the ZR1 equipped with the PTM (Performance Traction Management) and he said he never needed to use the top setting of 5 ! He said his only let down, (If you can call it a let down) was the interior, but that he install a set of custom fitted Sparco seats.

One hell of a sports car. It beat out all of the other two except for economy, it came in second in the test. Due to the seats ?