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Thread: Seat Question

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    Default Seat Question

    I'm a rookie Corvette owner, just bought my 2001 Z06 yesterday, but it has an issue with the driver's seat. I read about the "Corvette Rocking Seat" and think that's the issue but just want to ask you guys on the forum that know more than me. Getting in or out the left back corner of the seat feels like it's flexing or possibly rocking. Is that what is meant by the "rocking seat" problem? And my left headlight goes down when turned off but pops back up. I've seen an article/post about putting some shims or insulators in to fix the problem. Is that the way to fix it? Overall it's a very nice car with decently low miles and a couple issues you'd expect from a 15 year old car. But the slightly tuned engine and 6-spd are a blast!!! Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Moving out of the Site Help and Feedback forum and into the correct C5 Z06 forum...

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    Should be in the Tech section since it is not Z06 specific problems. OP, you should only identify one problem in a Thread so everyone knows what the problem is. Someone looking for a HL fix will never see this. But, we are going to work both here anyway.

    With that said, The stock seat back upright portion does have some motion to the front and back. If you open the door and just grab the top of the seat back and pull forward you should see that motion and it is normal. If you sit in the seat and the base seems to rock then that is the "rocking seat" issue. Here is a great video to watch to tell you how to fix. They also sell the kit.



    Link with Pictures:

    Welcome to LIEBLWEB.com's Corvette Rocking Seat Fix!

    Headlight Issue:

    This may be your issue. It is common and only happens to the driver side. If this does not fix it let us know.

    Driver side headlight acting a fool can't figure this one out - Corvette Forum

    Or it could be the bumper stops. See Post 8 on this link.

    Drivers side headlight won't Stay Down??? - Corvette Forum

    Here is where to get new stops:

    Rodney Dickman's Automotive Accessories

    Let us know if you need any help after you review this information. You could try rotating the stop bumpers as a quick fix or to see if shimming is required.

    Mr. Sam
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