I have been out of the American musclecar scene for quite some time and recently got back into the scene with the purchase of a 1996 Collector Edition LT4.

Previous to my most recent purchase, I owned a 1994 Trans Am that I took to Performance Technical Center in Elk Grove Village, IL. The establishment had been very well known for a C5 supercharger package as well as extensive modification capabilities on C4's.

Now that I wanted to contact it, I've found that the number listed on the web site is disconnected. Also, in the past, it has been a fixture at the Chicago VetteFest. Well, the VetteFest was held this past weekend (March 12-13), and they were nowhere to be found.

Does anyone know if they are still around? I thought that maybe some of you have had work done to your C5's by this establishment. Could it be that it has gone out of business?

The web site is listed below, but has expired: