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    Default Reduced Engine Power I think

    I have a 99 model. Now , I could be mistaken but I'm wondering something? On my way to work today the car ran fine. No problems. I got into Austin and had to circle the block a few toimes in heavy traffic. When I finally got to the garage to park it seemed as if the Car was a bit down on power. No strange noises or anything. Just not quite as responsive to input on the throttle. The coolant temp was about 205 degrees. Oil temp at about 190. Tranny was about 172. I've only had this car for 2 weeks as of today (Sat) and haven't learned all the lil nuaunces that comes with the Corvettes. Is this normal? If not what should I look for. I had no messages on the DIC of lights showing. Any Ideas would be appreciated......Thanks JeffB

    P.S. Im new...so be easy on me. LOL

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    Reduced Engine Power I think
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    Hi JeffB and welcome to the Your coolant & oil temps appear to be fine. Not quite sure what it is you are asking.

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    Default Well.....

    Im wondering if I am imaging things..or did it suddenly just sort of go down on power. Is there a magic number that will decrease engine performance as far as like Coolant temps or oil temps. Like I said..It was running great then after about 10 minutes of stop and go traffic it seemed less responsive to pressinig the gas. Kind of like it was sort of slow to pick up the pace. Hard to explain. It just seemed boggy I guess. It didn't miss or anything. Heak it just maybe my imagination. This is a used C5 and maybe I'm looking for problems. I'm scared to death of something going wrong with it. Its a daily driver and I'm not rich. The car has 53k on it..Just don't want it to be a lemon I guess.

    I've wanted a Corvette since I was 14...Now to have one..is just awsome. I just hate to hear the wifey if I have to spend more money to fix it or somoething after getting rid of a 2001 Dodge Truck that had 37k of warrenty left.

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    The IAT < intake air temp > sensor will dictate a reduction in initial engine timing if the underhood temps escalate above 95 degrees.

    A downturn in timing can result in the motors seeming a bit flat.

    Make sure you are using the best gas possible as knock sensing with sub wonderful fuel will put you into a different timing table as well and the car will also seem flat.

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