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    Default need you advice

    i want to buy heads and cam package ...

    what do you think is best for me ... i need performace and keep my car normal drive ?

    which one i get ???

    form ...

    breathless performance or west coast covette or slp or carket or ?????

    what a bout 1/4 mile ... any one try this thing ..
    please help me ...

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    There are several great tuners. Agostino Racing Engines is one of the best, CARTEk is great, MTI....so many. The key is...who is doing the install and tuning for you? You can have the best product in the world and with proper install and tuning your will be a disaster.

    I'm an ARE guy myself and think they are the best. They have done considerable work on my car and it has always been top notch.

    A good tuner will know what you need to fit your needs. You have to go with maybe a more mild cam if streetable is an issue. Most great tuners though can make anything streetable IMO. Hell they build HUGE strokers with 500+++++++rwhp and they are streetable

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    I agree with Buckmaster, the installation and tuning are very important issues. It would be best to talk with the tuner and discuss your goals and needs.

    A good heads/cam package can get you well above 400 RWHP and into the upper 11's/ low 12's in the 1/4 mile depending on your entire car's setup and driving experience/ability at the track. Most are very streetable.

    Good luck with your car. Enjoy.
    99 Blk/Blk Coupe

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