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    Default 2003 Manual Shift Problem

    I just replaced the clutch(ls7 style), release bearing, pressure plate, pilot bearing, slave cylinder.

    The car starts up perfectly, no leaks, and I bled the clutch multiple times.

    I can't shift between gears when the car is running. Sounds like it will grind if I try to force it. When off, I can shift from 1,2,3,4,5,6.

    I can start the car in 1st and slowly release the clutch and the car will move just like normal. There is no lurching. With clutch in, you aren't getting it into 2nd without turning the car off.

    I give up...

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    Sounds like not enough throw to fully disengage the clutch. Not sure who the manufacturer is of your clutch but some require shims behind the slave whose thickness is determined by takin measurements. Also, I believe the Tick master cylinder has more throw, but it requires drilling the firewall. You should speak with them directly to see if they think it will resolve your issue.
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