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    John L

    Default Another HVAC Problem

    Anybody else experienced the following: On my 2000 A4 coupe the dual zone AC blows cool on driver side and luke warm on passenger side. No matter where the temp knob for passenger is set, temperature remains luke warm. Driver side responds properly to all commands and will blow either hot or cold as set. Air direction is correct and can still be routed where you want. I tried disconnecting the battery and waiting about ten minutes before reconnecting it. No help. Pulled fuse # 27 and put it back after a few minutes. No help. Pulled codes from DIC. Got message stating "right side actuator out of range". Is this going to be something that I can buy parts for and fix myself (I do have the service manual) or am I going to have to suffer the attentions of a dealer? Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.

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    Take it to the dealer . Thats my advice. Some Chevy dealers sponcer Corvette Clubs check that out . They are the ones you can count on.

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    John L


    Thanks Les, I'm afraid that you're right and I appreciate the advice.

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    Yep, I agree. You will have to take it to the dealer and they may have to replace some parts. Hay, at least it is still under warranty. Good luck.

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