No offense to anyone who has these, but i couldnt stand them and took them out today. On car for 24 hrs. Went back to my stock headlights with HID conversion.

Took about 20 mins to remove stock lights, and maybe 20 mins to drop in the depo's. 20 mins to jack up car. I did not remove the front bumper like the directions say. I removed the lower panel in front of the tire, directly under headlights. Another 10 mins.

Hours were spent removing lights, adjusting brackets, reinstall, still doesnt fit rite. Remove lights, dremel/elongate holes, still not fitting good. Went thru this about 10 times per side. The depo's just do not fit perfect, for me the gaps have to be perfectly even around the lights. The depos do not fit perfect. My stock headlights fit perfect! Im anal about fit and finish. They looked great from 5 ft away, and side angels. But standing right on top of them there not perfect. They shake around just a bit while driving. So i'll be selling themmfor cheap on craigslist. I might take a look at radio flyers smooth lens fixed lights. But they must be DOT approved. So last words, if you like a perfect fit and finish, think twice about depo lights.