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    Default Hazard Switch Button

    First of all, I have to thank all of you Corvette people out there. I fixed my blinker issues as a result of reading your wonderful tips. However.......before I fixed my blinker issues, I was forced to mess with the hazard switch in order to get my blinkers to work. Well, by messing with my hazard switch, I think I've screwed it up (which it worked perfectly fine before I messed with it). Now, when I push the hazard switch, it won't stay on (normally I would press it once to turn the hazards on and press it again to turn them off). Now if I want my hazards on, I have to hold the button in - the button won't engage in an "on" position. Can anyone tell me if I've messed up the switch or the button itself? If it's the button, can I replace it without tearing my dash apart? My blinkers work thanks to the LED bypass harness thing I learned here so thank you! Can anyone help me with the hazard button issue?

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    Step by Step procedure. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them
    And you don't have to remove the dash pad to get to it either as it states in the Service Manual !
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