Hi again,
I posted this on the CF also- some viewers but no replies yet- maybe someone here has an idea???
Mirror lights
Hi all,
got good info here on a lot of stuff- which showed me the #2 fuse (pass.footwell) was supposed to cut power to underhood lite and mirror lites. I wanted to take out the underhood lite (big battery drain) and pulled fuse (cold lite easier to take out than hot one)...which cut power but mirror lites stay on. Anyway question is .... is there any way to defeat the interior lites staying on (for the 20-30 sec after door opening and closing) ???? used to be you could turn down the dimmer and there was a detent or on other cars a seperate switch to cut power to the interior lites.

Manual says HL on/off quick but that only cut the dashboard lites not the other courtesy'floor/mirror lites. Oh yeah- this is on 2000 Vert 6 spd. if that matters.

Just getting to know the "new" car and starting to do a few minor things- this is my first C5 and it is a lot different than the C4's and C3's I had in the past. BTW you guys are great and I appreciate all the help on stuff.