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    Default Ground Strap ??????

    OK, took the covers off and looked for any issues. First thing I see is this ground strap stairing me in the face. Mechanic had worked on the PVC hose and this ground was right under it. Mechanic said that he did not remove any grounds. We went to look at the temp sensor and found that the clip had broken, and he got a code of P0118.
    He just called and said the temp sensor has been replaced and everything seems fine. My concern is that groud strap. I know grounds can have strange effects on the C5 and he had no idea where it was supposed to go.


    Here's the previous post with the issue that started this:

    Just got my 2000 Roadster out of the shop today for California smog issues. State certified shop replaced PVC hose and Catalytic converters. Car was running fine and passed the emission portion of the tests but check light was on and code P0430 (TWC System Low Efficiency Bank 2) was in the DIC. Today when I got the car back everything seemed fine and I took off on a 100 mile round trip appointment. In traffic on freeway noticed temp gauge was very erratic fluctuating from 172 to 212. Everything else seemed fine and I continued to my stop.
    Coming back things began to get worse. Temp gauge was becoming more erratic and was actually pegging zero. As it dropped the rpms began fluctuating and I thought I was going to have a low power situation. I made it home but as I was backing into driveway car stalled and would not restart with five tries. Went inside to get a flashlight and then tried again and it started but with very erratic idle. All other gauges seemed fine.
    Pulled codes and this is what I have:
    10-PCM P1431 H
    40-BCM B0503 H
    58-SDM B1001 H
    AO-LDCM U1064
    A1-RDCM U1064 H
    A6-SCM B0851 H
    B2172 H C
    B2177 H C
    I have a suspicion that something may not have been connected correctly, but nothing to prove that.
    Your help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    Those codes you listed with the H are all historical codes and no longer apply. The 2 current codes are from seat Up and down switch shorted to ground.

    I have an 04 LS6 car in my garage now, just checked and there is no ground straps on the front near the area in your picture. I also looked in the manal for my 99, I dont see any ground stap either.

    There are 2 ground plugs on either side of the engine screwed into the frame rail. Grounds are very critical to these cars. I dont even see a hole or clip on that stap. If it was a ground it would have been secured pretty tightly. Can you see where the connected cable goes?

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    That strap go's inside the PCV Mounting through a small slit in the side and clips around the metal end of the PCV to ground it!(Photo Below) As for why it would be needed.My guess would be to suppress Static Electricity from arcing inside the PCV valve and igniting combustion gases in the crankcase and blowing the valve covers or oil pan off of it!~!!

    As far as the problem your having,That's not causing it,But I would still repair it!~!!

    Grounds are very,very critical on these cars so that is where I would start and then move on to B+ connections at the power distribution center on the right front wheel house and go from there!~!!

    PS Don't just look at them and think they look OK,Looks can be deceiving!~!! Take them apart and clean them,ALL of them!~!!!!

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    Got the car back today and it was a bad Temp Sensor. Showing the mechanic the diagram he finally admited that it was indeed to be attached to the PVC valve. He wouldn't agree that it was important or could lead to problems. Cars running fine put 40 miles on today and will put 110 on tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed and AAA card in hand.
    Again thanks for the help!

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