I dont even know what sentinal lights are...lol.. Ill have to look it up,

But this is weird back two yrs ago i hit a huge pot hole i broke the row bar after having it repaired at a shop the day driving the car home from the shop im hearing a rumbling on and off in the back asfter taking it back to the place they said oh your bushing where the one exhaust is wore out so its 135 for new bushing and labor i said id be back in a couple weeks to have it done but questioned how this is weird if its normal wear of the bushing how it happene to happen the day i get the car back from them they say well we didnt do nothing two weeks later getting ready to take it back i go under and look they mustve removed the one exhaust and put it in the wrong part of the bushing went to another place they just premoved it and put it in right place yet that place swears they didnt touch the exhaust. Like i sasid if this happened next week ok but the day im dribving it home from the dealer after they did work on it , too much concidence there , im feeling they did something not to mention the center console aeverything i had in there was thrown scattered in the trunk including which i couldnt find at first my safety wheel lock