Hello I have a 2000 corvette which i bought brand new 8 yrs ago I had a problem when i originally bought but none since now the other night I wwent to get in and the car would not start now actually i had trouble for some reason putting the key in the ignitition it was going only half way in and would not turn this happen twice finally i got out locked the doors and redid everything now the key went in fine and turned fine but the car still would not start i went today and got batteries for the transmittors which werent working anymore figuiring maybe i had to resychrinize the security system that way now the one transmittor even with a new battery still does not seem to work but the other did and i did reprogram it and resychrinize it but still the car would not start the lights radio andf all come on so i know it cant be the battery i still believe its something with the security system anybody have a clue what it could be?