Yesterday I remove both fog lights in an attempt to discover why they do not light. I check both bulbs and they are fine. Also, about two weeks ago when I did the first "Look-see" I noticed the fuse and the relay were missing so I replaced those with new ones. when I turn the fog light switch on I hear a click which I think is at the relay but no juice to the bulbs. I bought the car used so I have no idea of the last time the fog lights worked, wiring appears to be OK.
When I had the light fixtures removed I took the glass lenes out and cleaned them both on the front side and the back side and it made quit a difference.
The fronts of the glass lenes are pitted probably from road grit hitting them over time. Does anyone know of a company that sells just replacement lens for a '98? I tried "Lens restorer" which actually helped a little but because they are glass you can't polish out the pits and deep scratches.

Keep 'em rollin"