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Thread: idle issues

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    Default idle issues

    I have an 02 Corvette that idles high when warmed and coming to a stop. Its an automatic, and seems like it doesnt want to idle down.I have to either put it in neutral or stand on the brakes to keep it still. I have checked the vacuum lines and there is no problem. I do not get any error codes on the osdb. I can not seem to solve this issue. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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    Default WOW

    Looks like my issue with the idle has not stumped only me. Thanks to those who read but dont feel bad if you dont know how to solve the issue as you are not alone. Obviously. Cheers!

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    Hang in there Simiensane.

    Sometimes it takes a little time for really specific problem to generate a response from someone who's experienced it before.

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