I have a 1998 C5, and it recently started having an odd issue with the right headlight. When it closes, it at first drops all the way closed, but then it pops up about an inch. When I turn it back on, it drops flush first, and then it pops up fully. No grinding or anything like that. I can get it back to being flush with the body by turning the knob on the motor, but it will promptly stick up again if I then turn the headlights on and off. I have found pages online about headlights being stuck or making grinding noises, which doesn't quite describe this issue.

Any ideas? I'm wondering if there's just some sort of adjustment that can be made, or if the gears in the motor need to be replaced (which I see is the solution to many headlight issues). I was going to take it to the dealer, but if there's a DIY solution that can be done by someone like me who can use screwdivers and sockets, I'm all for that. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!