I’m selling this brand new Race Ready (never installed) kit because it will not fit on my 99 vette because it has an auto trans because there is no room but if you have a 6 speed you are good to go. The kit is universal so it can go on any thing (but a 99 vette with an auto trans). It comes with everything you need the cutouts and gaskets mounting hardware and the switch and cable. I also have a piece of 3” stainless steel U pipe and four 3” stainless flanges. I was going to use this to make my turn downs and to make the Y pipe to come off my X pipe. I’m asking $ 450 for everything. PM me if you are interested or if you have any questions. Thanks
The kit cost $390.00
The U-pipe and Flanges cost $190.00

So in all it cost me $580. I need to sell them. I guess I should have done some more research be for I bought them. My loss is you gain. Thanks