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Kinda curious as to if he ever got his wing and how he mounted it, to the frame or just the rear deck lid?

Is his wing just for looks or actual racing purposes.

Also wonder how one correctly adjusts the downforce on it. Will the front splitter on his C5 correctly work in conjunction with the wing or does that need to be changed, too.

Personally, if running at speed, I'd worry about really screwing up the aerodynamics, possibly making it unstable. A couple of degrees in the wrong direction........

Last but not least, I saw a 60 inch high wing online that just appears to bolt on to the rear deck. Wonder how much force the lid can take before cracking...

I'll shut up now.
Actually what you said needed to be said.

Potentially, too much down force at the rear could lift the front. As Bill Elliot demonstrated in the mid-1980s, too much lift can make a Winston Cup car fly; well, try to fly..