Just had one of these installed....not cheap but went to the dealer so I could ensure if any problems it would be backed up. My question is has anyone experienced seat problems after the module was installed. When I got my car back my teh pwer control for my driver's seat waws disconnected and laying off to the side. Dealer screwed it up and dealeer replaced it once I showed the service rep what had happened. I have not been able to position my seat as I normally drive since. The seat pops went trying to adjust it along with difficulty in getting the back to adjust manually or elecrically....everything moves but will not position as it did prior. The front part of the seat bottom is more elevated and will not adjust door as it did prior to this work. My thinking is the seat track is binding and the seat not properly aligned. I suspect they did not tak the seat out properly (I was told they didn't do anything to the seat)(think the svc guy didn't mean it the way it sounded-meaning probably it was taken out and put back in). I suspect they either raised the back to the seat up and installed teh BCM or they took teh seat out simply by unbolting it without first moving the seat forward then back in loosening the bolts for removal and when they replaced it didn't thinkabout tracks being even and aligned. This is not obvious when you look at the seat.