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    Default GPS navigation system


    Do any of you nice folks have GPS navigation systems in your 'Vettes?

    I didn't think they were very cool or interesting, but it turns out after driving around in a car with one, that I really want one.

    I am looking at the Kenwood's KNA-DV3100. I just know that the screen would NEVER be able to come out of the dash with the manual shifter stick there.

    If anyone has a GPS system or something with a similar shape and they found a good place for it, post your ideas. I'm very interested.


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    No one, who owns a Corvette, gets lost...

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    I have not personally seen anyone with GPS in their vette.
    A few bikeing buds of mine have handheld GPS units that lock into a mounted cradle on the tank.
    But the cockpit on the vettes are so tight, I dont really know where you could mount one.

    Could have used one on my trip this week.
    A few times, the maps that I had, did not show the roads I was traveling.
    the map showed the road, yet in reality, the road was a dead end that T'd into a brand new 4 lane(that actually went east west, but was tagged as a north south road.......)

    I am very aware that current GPS probably would not have helped me there.
    Too rural.

    good luck

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    Anyone who's interested, I got this information from a car audio shop near my house. (These guys have done some really good work for me before and most of my friends with fancy set-ups got 'em done here.)

    They can put in a snake stand thing to hold up an LCD screen and put the nav unit in the back or replace all of the speakers/stereo components and do the in-dash setup where the LCD screen pulls out of the head-unit. With the 2nd way, they can put in a DVD player so that on trips, you can watch DVDs while you drive. (I know it seems like a bad idea.)

    The first solution is pretty cheap, less than 2 grand. The 2nd one is closer to 5 grand installed. (The 5 grand quote includes a custom-built sub-box and 2, 8" subs in the back).

    I think I'll be sticking to supercharging and other engine-work stuff for now.


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