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Thread: 85 worries

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    Was wondering if you had any advice for me. A few weeks ago my 1985 had its "Check engine" light come on in normal driving conditions. We got car home and checked the error code on the computer and it was 1. MAF sensor & 2. Knock sensor. We only had the MAF replaced a short while ago and so we got looking at the knock sensor. Look like it was shot so we replaced it. Started car and it will not idle at all....Changed and cleaned all spark plugs and leads (wires) checked that all 8 had spark and tried the car again. No go. Cleaned distributor and tried again...no go and no error codes?
    What could be wrong with her....I cannot get it to idle at all. as soon as my foot leaves the accelerator she stops. I am worried about driver her as she feels like and sounds like a chaff cutter at the moment.... I have read the manual, but does not really help. Can you?

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    Dave C. '04 Z06


    Check to make sure there is no air leak between the MAF and the throttle body. WHat you have there sounds like a classic case of "False Air", which is unmetered air sneaking in somewhere between the MAF and the throttle body and screwing up your fuel metering.

    A couple things I would check is make sure the intake hose clamps are tight on the throttle body and MAF, and that the intake tube is on all the way around the throttle body.

    -Dave C.

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    Whenever you get a code, you should replace the component thats closest to the front of the car first, and the other will probably disappear.

    Id try another MAF, check for vacuum leaks, and then hope that it isnt the burnoff/power module for the MAF, because they buried it inside your dash.

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    Check all your fuses, I had a 10 amp fuse go and caused the same problems. Once replaced the car ran fine. Also for the knock sensor...replace the connector that goes to it. Mine would set off when starting the engine. So after replacing the sensor it helped but I still got the codes, replaced the connector no more problem...

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