I recently bought a 1987 C4 corvette i knew the heads werent in to good of shape so i took into our family mechanic to have him put a new set of heads on it. the car ran and drove pretty good even with the bad heads on it, but when he got the new heads installed it would just start up and die... the new heads are eddlebrock preformers with 1.60 rockers. it does have a code 33 which is too much air than reasonable going through the maf but when you unplug the maf you still get the same problem. we kinda started running down the line of different things it could be, tps, iac, etc. after replacing the iac the car will now idle for aprox 5 minutes before dying yet again. the fuel rail has a continous 45psi and the fuel pump and relay are brand new. any ideas???