• 1993 convertible...cargo area lamps staying on?
  • 1993 convertible...cargo area lamps staying on?
  • 1993 convertible...cargo area lamps staying on?
  • 1993 convertible...cargo area lamps staying on?

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    Default 1993 convertible...cargo area lamps staying on?

    Had a flat battery fail at a recent show, car had won an award, and then would not start ,just slight solenoid clicking and then nothing. Embarrassing? A bit !! Thought something was up when , going to the tonneau release button ,all I got was a half-hearted click ,and no release. When I got the car home, I noted the two square lights that face the rear of the storage compartment were on, and were still on about 20 minutes later, with all doors, hood,and tonneau closed ,but doors unlocked. No other interior lights noted lit. Any ideas about this? I assume the storage compartment lights are on a different circuit to the cabin/dome lights ,as I say , they were'nt lit ( see edit below) Is this so? And if so , what can cause these lights to stay on? Finally , would this account for a current draw sufficient to flatten an otherwise good battery in about 6 hours? There has been a long-standing issue with a drain on this car ,once I tried to measure it ,and it showed between a quarter and half an Amp , also these lights are'nt that easy to see from outside with the tonneau closed , so may have been going on for some time. For this reason , I fitted an inline quick disconnctor on the negative terminal . This has saved the battery , the car will sit for the winter months , and in springtime, the battery is connected, wait for the fuel pump to cut off, and up it fires on the instant it cranks. Impressive. It fires on "most" cylinders, others cut in shortly after , one by one, and it sounds like a big radial lighting up. Sweeeet.

    Edit.....ALL the interior lights are on , just never noticed the others, as they point downwards making them hard to see ,especially from outside the car.
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