Made the plunge, installed an HD D36 w/3.73 gearing. ALso, trans rebuild, 2000 stall converter, shift kit etc. Problem now is, We need to re-calibrate the PCM to 3.73 as the shift points are way off and "searching". We knew this and thought the local Computer tune company can flash the pcm, they can, but at a risk. 50% of the LT-1's fry the p cm now with their tune provider. Not willing yet to risk it and buy a spare.

Anyone have options or a company/module that I can safely change my pcm to 3.73 gearing ?

Thought I saw something about this in the C4 page, have run a search on this C4 page, spent hours but cannot find anything.

Need help ASAP as our race season has started !!!

Thanx !!!!