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    Default Lowering my 85 need advice

    Hi Guys,

    I have taken the entire suspension of my 85 apart for install of all new urethane bushings, kyb shocks and some steering repair. The car has about 65k miles and is in decent shape. I have finished the rear, now doing the front.

    I wanted to lower the car slightly. I understand how the rear works, and given the fact that most of the look will come from the rear I should be able to dial it in how i like it look wise before an alignment.

    Now my questions is for the front. I ordered some lowering wedges but not sure if I need them. I am not looking to drop the car real low, just a little bit.

    Can I remove the aluminum spacers (I have 2, have not measured them but am thinking prob close to 1/2") to get a bit of a ride height drop? What else can I "shave" to achieve a little more then just with spacers?
    Will my spring retainer brackets work then, or, will I need to modify them? Reverse spacers (on bottom of spring)?

    In all honesty I dont think I can afford to drop the front too much. Rear maybe 1" or just over 1" but front may rub.

    Reason I ask the question is that my parts ordered are on backorder and shippment wont arive for a bit. I would like to get the car buttoned up before that.



    Forgot to mention its a z51 car with z51 springs

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    I also had the lowering kit you speak of installed.. and i love what it did to my car but since i had my mechanic do the work all i know is it looks good and rides great.. my car dropped about and inch and looks the way it should i do believe.

    However my car is a convert and does not have Z51 susupension, so you may get a different result..

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    I also have an '85 Z51, I lowered mine by first replacing the mono springs with a great set from VBP, tell them what you want the end results to be (handling, comfort, height, etc..) and they will match you up with what you need.

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