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    Default Help with dead short

    I Don't have a fsm for my 1990 vette. The problem I have started
    Saturday while going down the road the AC went out. The climate
    control lights went out along with the led readouts for temp and
    outside temp. Checked fuses and in the process of pulling the fuse I
    noticed the interior lamps when door is open went out also. I Checked
    all fuses and found 1 fuse that went out. It's a 15 amp fuse in the CTSY
    (courtesy) fuse slot. I put a new one in and as soon as I stuck it in pop.
    I then said what the heck and stuck a 30 amp in and the ac came back on
    and the interior lights also but the fuse started getting hot so i pulled it.

    I need to know if someone can help me till I get my fsm of what is on this
    breaker. I know that the interior courtesy light, power antenna and a portion of the AC is
    on it but need the rest so I can start the process of finding what the heck is going on.


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    In checking my electrical supplement there are quite a few circuits on the CTSY fuse 15 amp.

    rear defogger relay
    central control module
    heater and A/C control head
    A/C clutch relay
    heater and A/C programmer
    Daytime running lamps (DRL) module

    looks like they are all ORN wires

    on A/C fuse 25 amp
    all BRN wires
    rear defogger relay
    central control module (CCM)
    heater and A/C control head
    A/C clutch relay
    heater and A/C programmer
    daytime running lamps (CRL) module

    About the best I can do for you. I don't understand why there are two circuits to all those.


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    Check All the grounds on the frame in the engine compartment,Especially the one just below the A/C housing on top of the frame!!High resistance grounds can cause feedback and blow fuses on other circuits tied to it!!
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    Thank you for the help.... I found it, now I can kick myself in the ass.
    Last week I replaced the struts for the hatch and forgot to re-clip the
    defrost plug and it pinched and shorted. Thanks again for the list of what
    was on that breaker.

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