Hey Guys,

A little while ago while I was at my friends place, I locked my car for the first time since I bought it (bought it with broken motor, etc).

When I came back car would not start and a relay behind dash was "clicking". I started the car by jumping the solenoid (I have a rem start solenoid so that was easy). Car ran but relay clicked for a while. Finally shut off at home. With extended power interruption (battery) relay car started again.

Took the info center apart to change the bad stereo install and this interrupt relay, then did some digging and I think I figured out what is wrong.

My horns never worked. Previous owner included a GM 85 manual (gold).

Anyhow seems that the "clicking" was the car trying to set off my horns I think. No horns working, so no sound.

I think the relay is OK. I think the theft system was activated, I just had no clue. So must fix horns (seems there is a relay right next to start relay under dash).

Did some reading, seems that most guys that have "no start issues" also have non working horns!!! This could be a big reason for it.

I am not sure how theft system works, but unlocking drivers door with key enables/disables it. I am sure the 85 door lock cylinder is no longer working perfect.

Does this make sence?