well, i've been contemplating rebuilding the overdrive unit in the 4+3 for a while now.. but i've decided if i'm going through all that to go ahead and put a new tran in all together...

here's the question.. everyone is raging about the richmond six-speed as the best replacement. well.. its damn expensive. my question to the community is this:... can i get away with putting in a richmond five speed street tranny? i can get a new one for two grand. will it even fit right? i am no mechanic.

also the one i'm looking at has no shifter. where can i get a cheap shifter for this thing? and what else will i have to buy to get it runnin', if it even fits right?

the richmond five speed i'm looking at is 021710A - Richmond 5-Speed Street Transmission.

any suggestions? or any other ideas for a replacement? i already put a new engine in this thing, and i love the car. i just want it to be solid enough to drive, but i'm not a millionaire