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Thread: Brake issues

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    Default Brake issues

    My 86 Corvette has brake issues - Back in January I deciced to rebuild all four calipers, replace the brake hoses and flush the brake fluid. While rebuilding the front calipers the fluid in the master cylinder ran dry. Reinstalled the front calipers & hoses - then gravity bleed the front brakes till fluid ran clear of bubbles and clean. I proceeded to do the rear the same but the master cylinder did not run dry this time. The brakes felt fine before (only complaint was occasional pulling from side to side) but now the brakes are sort of soft when first pushed but ONE pump and they are very good and stop the car quickly. I thought I still had air so I bench bleed the master cyliner reinstalled, gravity bleed all brakes, vacuum bleed the brakes and then pressure bleed the brakes. I even removed the calipers used a c-clamp and bleed the brakes with bleeder strainght up. Still no difference.

    Can anyone suggest what is wrong - did the master cylinder go bad, have I still got air?

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    Soft first pump hard second pump is usually air in system.

    I saw a system on one of the car programs where they bleed the brakes backwards, from the wheel up. They had a little pump they used. Maybe someone else saw that and can give more info on it .


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