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Thread: do the math

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    You should offer specifics here on the forum. We have no time for generalities!

    Seriously though, it appears that you have a similar disease as mine. Taking care of the car is as much or more of the experience than driving it.

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    You bet it is! Since I no longer work aircraft and I have all the tools, well, I need something to fill my retired time. But you're right, it really is part of the fun. Isn't it gratifying to know this car almost inside and out? And when you do a job you KNOW it is done correctly? Its like taking a trip, sometimes getting there is more fun than actually getting there!

    I am just grateful to God that He blessed me with my dream car. I have wanted a Vette sine I first rode in my grandmother's 73 when I was 8 or 9. I've been a Vetehead ever since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlg View Post
    one of the first lessons I learned 30+ years ago in restoring cars or working on "toys" is never count the money and pay no attention to the time spent, unless you plan to sell or make money at it.
    This is gosple, I have a 1/12 inche file folder full of recipts from the restoration of my 79 and I finally won a NCRS second flight award, so to me it was worth it. But if you love cars and you worried about money ? then take up collecting stamps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Higg View Post
    Join the club, but my C4 is like factory now. I wouldn't trade the car for the world. It is paid for, it is a keeper, and I love this thing. C5 next.

    Look at what I have done to it and I have spent 10 grand so far. None on borrowed money.

    Tuesday, January 29, 2008
    Bought 1994 Corvette with 84+ on the clock.

    Installed or replaced:

    Sony stereo CD and new front speakers.
    Bought a new lower front spoiler
    Two new keys.
    Lug wrench
    Garage floor wheel stop
    Floor mats
    Driverís headlight
    Cigarette lighter.
    Replaced ALL fuses on passenger door side, found many corroded
    Wiper blades.
    Radiator cap.
    Clear plastic sill protectors.
    Bilstein shocks
    Lower ball joints
    Four wheel alignment
    Rear license plate holder
    Fixed the manifold oil leak.
    Serpentine belt
    Sun visors.
    Auto dimming rear view mirror
    Gas filler protector.
    Backup lights
    Steering column rag joint
    A frame bushings
    Two new serpentine belt pulleys
    Fixed SYS light with the resistor mod.
    New header garnish.
    Rear deck trim
    Removed and replaced radiator, cleaned it and straightened fins
    Engine Coolant Temp sensor
    Center air dam
    Inspected the brake pads
    Right door power window switch
    4 Kuhmoís
    Alternator (generator) rubber boot on electrical terminal.
    Cleaned rear wheel speed sensors.
    Riveted sheet metal onto door panels and used tool dip to cover all surfaces so no more squeaks.
    Delrin bushing mod
    Transmission fluid and filter
    Left manifold gasket
    Fuel pump.
    PCV valve.
    Removed and cleaned the IAC.
    Removed and cleaned the EGR and replaced the gasket.
    Replaced the oil and oil filter.
    Had the emissions test.
    Replaced fuel filter
    Serviced air conditioner
    Fuel line clamp in engine compartment.
    Both front outer tie rods.
    Both rear outer tie rods
    Front end alignment
    Rear leaf spring bushings
    Detailed exterior with all three Meguire products.
    Rear inboard brake light fixture.
    Installed new machined metal bushings with silver anti-seize compound in headlight horseshoe brackets
    Removed and cleaned the throttle body. Replaced all gaskets. Replaced all hoses too.
    New throttle position sensor
    New u-joints
    Right manifold
    New water pump
    New optispark
    New plugs & wires
    New blue top
    Left seatbelt
    Right door open switch
    Vacuum check valve
    Restored the rims myself

    I'm keeping this list. I found things I left off of my need to do list.

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    good job...
    i find it

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    I couldn't agree more. I've been restoring Camaro's with my father since I could walk. Yep, I hated EVERY minute of it until; I got my own "project". But the knowledge that I obtained from working with my dad is invaluable, and relied upon almost daily.
    Also, don't look at your "project" as a money pit, but as investments. Investments need time to acquire interest, give it time. For instance: in the 15 months that I've been deployed, the increase in my Vette's value has increased. I base this, not only on the parts that my wife hated me purchasing prior to deployment as to their prices now, but as the car as a whole. There's no way that I'd sell it; I have too much pride in her now!
    Bottom line: give it time & enjoy restoring/building your "project" (especially if you have young ones to teach the trade to).

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