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    Default 1994 LT1 Long block options?

    My 1994 LT1 M6 is beginning to show it's age I *think*.

    Over the last couple of months, it's been registering low oil pressure *only* at idle, low enough for the *check gauges* light to come on. Yesterday I replaced the sending unit for the gauge, and no change. So, that was probably working correctly.

    What confuses me is that the engine is making NO funny noises, no lifter noise, nothing, even when cold and first started in the morning. It has 178k on it now, and it purrs just as smooth as she did the day I brought her home with 65k.

    Having said all that, I probably need to be ready sooner than later to do something, so what are the long block options?

    I'm not looking for a 400-450hp 383 hot build.

    A stock long block would make me happy. Not having much luck locating one via GM's Parts Performance site. The only thing Google turns up are race builders, which I'm not interested in. As of yet, the only *stock long block* I've been able to find is from NAPA. I've never used their long blocks before, so I don't know about the quality of them. I did verify they come with 4 bolt mains and aluminum heads, so the important stuff is covered.

    Does anybody else have any suggestions that I haven't found yet? I've searched this site up and down and haven't found anything that really answered what I'm looking for.


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    At 178,000 miles with low oil pressure at idle, I'd agree, it's time for overhaul.

    As for a replacement "long block", call Tom Henry Racing, the performance parts side of Tom Henry Chevrolet in Bakerstown PA.

    Tom Henry's parts guy, Stan, understands the needs of high-performance customers such as we Corvetters. He should be able to steer you to an OE-replacement long-block engine.

    With the exception of parts I need immediately, I buy most of my GM parts from Tom Henry Chevrolet and have found the prices reasonable and the shipping times to the West Coast acceptable.

    Call Stan Lorence at (877) 842-4389 ext. 252. Also Tom Henry Racing as a web site -ChevroletTom Henry Racing - THR - high-performance Chevrolet sales service parts

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    I bought a 302 from these guys once. I was happy with the product.

    JASPER Engines & Transmissions:: remanufactured engine: diesel, marine, import

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