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    Default Wire Installation: Burping??

    It has been mentioned by a forum member to "burp" the wires after applying the dielectric grease to the boot ends. Has anyone ever heard of doing this? If so, how is this done? Thanks

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    I imagine what the poster means is to remove the air from the boot. When you apply dielectric grease then push the boot on the air inside the boot may not be able to escape, if that happens the air will compress as you push the boot on, then the pressure will push it back off after you stop pushing. Not good obviously, remember to feel and listen for the wire terminal to click into place when you are pushing, if that happens air pressure is unlikely to unseat the terminal from the plug or cap.
    Burping can be accomplished by CAREFULLY sliding a very small screw driver or similar tool between the boot and the wire from the back side (opposite the spark plug or distributor cap) thus allowing the air to escape. If the back side is not accessible the boots can be burped from the plug or cap side using a tool like this or something similar. to pull the boot open slightly allowing the air to escape, but be careful not to puncture or rip the boot!
    As you have already learned access to many wires on your LT1 can be a *****, so I think you can understand the above procedure is not easy to accomplish.
    My best advice is to only apply a small amount of grease, more will increase the likelihood of trapping air.

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