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    Jim Bannon

    Default ac compressor problems

    How do i check the ac compressor on my 95 lt1, the clutch burnt up, don't know if the compressor froze up or the clutch just let go, anything special i have to know before i replace the clutch or the entire compresser, plan to do it myself but never did one before, help, it's hot in florida!

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    Before you take anything off do you have the tools to recharge the system?

    You will need a vacumn pump, a set of gauges, and 134a freon( I believe that had made the change by 96.) If you have to change it all out you need to make sure the conmpressor has oil in it. Use ester oil as it is compatible with all freon.

    But before you get to all that you need to find out why it happened.

    Does the car run and drive but the clutch won't engage.

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