I've removed several functioning parts from my 1984 Corvette to make it 'more stock.' The previous owners added these to the car to improve performance. I'm a cruiser, not a racer, so here's what I have left:

Crank & Alternator Pulleys:
I have restored the original engine crank and alternator pulleys on my 1984 engine that I received from a previous owner, and removed the under-drive polished alloy pulleys from the car. I liked the shiny appearance, but wanted to get back to stock condition.

I've looked around for these on the web, but can't find an exact source for the originals. The closest I can come to the crank pulley is from http://www.mamotorworks.com/corvette-3-136-846.html at $90 retail, and it doesn't appear polished.

These were placed on the car about 2,000 miles ago as I can tell from maintenance records, and appear to be in good condition. My mechanic told me that the serpentine belt had to be replaced due to the different sizes, so anyone considering the purchase will also have to replace their belt when they install these.

I'd like $50 for the set of two pulleys, and will ship Priority Mail including insurance to any zip code in the U. S.

My pic:
TPS-TEC G57C Wide Open Throttle Switch 84

I have just removed the TPS-TEC G57C switch from my 1984 C4 engine. I am a cruiser, not a racer, so I saw no need for the wide open throttle response that this switch provides. It appears to work given that the LED's do respond properly, but I have no need to 'put my foot' down and actually test it out.

Here's a link to what is selling new these days for $93: http://www.casperselectronics.com/st...roducts_id=603

I will sell mine for $30 which includes Priority Mail shipping & insurance to any U. S. zip code.

Be sure to follow the link to the installation instructions and also check out the VIN numbers that this switch supports.

My pic: