Happy New Year...
I have a few C-4 Dealer Promotional Corvette Models to pass along to new homes. These were all purchased by myself when new and in my own collection ever since. All are condition #10, Mint in the original boxes. These are the Corvette Models Available:
1992 Black Rose Convertible
1992 Yellow ZR-1 ( this was the only Yellow C-4 Coupe ever offered as a promotional model)
1994 Admiral Blue ZR-1 (this is one of the tougher ones to find)
1994 Bright Aqua Metallic Convertible (kind of a teal blue that was popular in the 90s)

All Models are priced at $25 each ,which is about what they cost 20 years ago, plus shipping please. For photos or any other information please write to me direct at :
Never a disappointment on any of my models. All are accurately described and photographed. Thanks, Bruce100_0943-jpg100_0757-jpg