I looked into swapping something in place of my L98 350. Still might go that route with another 350 but right now Iím trying to see what other people did to their engines to get more power. I donít want an insane amount to start off, but 300 would be a good amount for me. As stated in my previous threads, my 700r4 is possibly blown, Iíll know when I take it out. I hear the pre 86- 700rís are weak, so Iím also wondering how much power will a stock rebuilt 700 hold from an 85? If I have to rebuild my trans then I will TRY to rebuild it myself which will probably be the toughest thing Iíve ever done, seriously, but if I do add some power I should get a stronger transmission too. Anyway for my budget, I see having about 2k-2500 roughly, after my new trans rebuild. I canít imagine the cost of stroking it, and the time it would take. Not looking at rebuilding the motor at the moment, but if I decide to Iíll buy a bare block and build that. I hear the stock heads are decent, but I have no clue. But probably looking at some new heads, cam, a super-ram intake even though Iíll lose the low end torque, hollow out the cats, and get a cat back. Then I probably do a general tune up which it needs anyway, probably badly. Also want to get rid of anything in the engine bay I donít really need, not for power but for simplicity. Let me know what you guys think and if a combination of all this will get me to 300hp. Thanks. Open to any and all suggestions too.