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    Default 1996 VATS bypass kit plug and play

    who has used a VATS bypass kit for a 1996 grand sport and who made it thanks for any help you send my way Wayne

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    Being the vats system varies between the various years, assuming you are looking to bypass the resistor on the key.
    86 rather than a 96, I've used this: https://www.corvettecentral.com/c4-84-96/wiring-harness-swit/switches-alarm-ignition-turn-signal/86-89-security-override-system-bypass-the-vats-594362
    Simple to unplug the wiring and plug in the dongle. Works great.

    If you're considering this, it may be wise to do it soon. Appears like it's either limited availability or discontinued at several dealer.
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