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    Glad to hear you got it, good job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 89C4KB View Post
    I recently purchased a 1989 Coupe with 42,000 miles. It did not come with any service history. It currently has a minor vibration from the engine at low to mid rpms. It goes away and runs hard when I get into the throttle. I pulled the air filter and found it was black. Judging by this I feared what else I might find. As much as I was scared, I pulled the diptsick and found the oil looked like it was put in the week before. I am fairly certain the the plugs, plug wires, rotor and distributor cap are all factory (based on the mileage).

    This is why I am starting at the air filter and working my way back to the distributor with new parts. That said, I picked up a set of ACDelco Rapidfire 5 plugs (ACdelco part number 19308030). Guy at the parts store told me those were the correct plugs for the vehicle and they were pre-gapped. I got home and found all the plugs gapped at .043. Then I pulled out the vehicle manual and found the specs call for .035 gapping.

    I proceeded to gap all of the plugs to .035 then went to bed. The plugs are still on the work bench. When I woke up I had a bad feeling I was sold the wrong plugs due to the consistent gapping they all had. I started searching forums, here and elsewhere, and found these plugs are correct for my vehicle. Further reading showed people running these plugs gapped anywhere from .035 to .050 with good results.

    So bottom line is...I am going to install these plugs tomorrow and don't know what I should gap them at. I am thinking of gapping them at .040 to split the difference of everyone else's experience with these plugs, and see what happens unless I receive information to the contrary.

    I am a first time Corvette owner so please start yelling at me if you see something horrible with this plan.

    I know this is an "old thread" but being I just swapped out all the plugs on my `88 L98 - I noticed all the new plugs out of the box were gapped at .040 -.045 using my machinists calipers. I checked my handy ring gage gap tool and the .035 mark was off a few thousands undersized so I had to re-gap all he plugs by tapping hem a bit to close the gap a couple of thousands. I know I'm nit picking but I am a retired machinist/machine shop manager so these things bother me. I like perfection (to a a fault sometimes) but I think anywhere between .035 and .040 is probably good enough for horseshoes !

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