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    Default Antenna removal question

    1984 Vet, can't believe the antenna motor has stopped working ; -)
    I am just looking for a removal procedure, how much of a tight job is it!
    Any one has done this can give some pointers would appreciate it.
    Many thanks...

    ps...Power was too the motor and is now disconnected.

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    I too, have an '84. I haven't had to remove my antenna, because it still works just fine. (More on that later.) Is yours broken or does it only need lubrication? I have had the inner fender liner out of my left rear wheel well, and as I remember, the access to the antenna appeared to be easy from that spot. Have you tried that?

    I put a switch on my antenna, so I can control the antenna action, either down, full height, or anyplace I choose, with no continual up-down-up-down. I'm sure that will lengthen the life of it! My switch is in the console recess, and controls the power to the orange wire at the antenna relay. There is an orange wire in the console which is on the same circuit, so you only need one wire from that orange wire in the console, thru the switch, to the orange wire at the relay. You probably know that the relay is under the plastic trim panel to the left of the hatch latch.

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    Mine is a 93 and I had to replace the motor. From what I remember I removed the license plate and tail lamp lenses which gave me access to the motor. I can't remember exactly where I got the info from but it was probably here. I think the book I had at the time wanted you to remove the bumper and inner bumper to gain access but this was a much simpler way. I'm not sure if it would be the same for your year but might be worth checking in to.

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