What im asking is ..... Does anyone ( Specifically the Early 1984 C4 owners ) have a Corvette that they purchased from any California dealership in 1983. If you have it Scan it and put it in a PDF form for me erase all of your information i just want the Form layout )

I want to recreate the pre-order sheet i have for my C4 Some of the info is not legible and i'd like a better copy of the order sheet itself

anyone with a california car purchased new in the early monthes of the C4 Coupe production in march through aug of 83 .... even if you have your original pre order sheet if you ordered the car new in '82 before production started

specifically in the early months of 1983, the original dealership was located on 5735 Crenshaw Blvd in Los Angeles, CA It's Gone now....My C4 is from that dealership and i want to get a copy of an original new car order sheet. I have the original Pre-order sheet and i want to get a another copy of this document and copy all the original information, or better yet...since I can't contact the dealership ( it's gone ) is there another way to get a copy of the original sale of the Corvette Coupe that was purchased there

any help --- come on help me out here I know there is more than one California corvette on this site it can be later than ...it could be as early as 79-80 ( just to see if the form looks the same..)

82-83 if you pre-ordered your car show me what your pre order sheet looks like ( it might look the same as mine but with a different dealer name on it