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    Default 1992 Convertible

    Hello all!

    I have a couple questions for the group. I am the second owner of a 1992 Convertible (Brilliant Red Metallic with Artic White leather and top) with 19,600 documented original miles. I bought it last year from the original owner. Never seen any weather and it drives great. My questions: I am driving on the original spark plugs and wires with no performance issues (wires look to be in good shape-no cracks, etc). It also has the original fuel filter and the rear end fluid has never been changed. The rear end fluid has been checked (it is full and looks OK). I did not see a drain plug so I am assuming it would have to be sucked out in order to replace with new. No leaks noted. Should I leave well enough alone since I am having no problems? All other fluids have been changed.

    Thank you!!
    Robert Jones

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    You are in good shape with all this. Just drive it and continue to maintain it properly with regular oil and filter changes and so forth.

    I change rear axle lube on about a 100,000 mile basis, but when you do, make sure you use the friction modifier additive. The fuel filter is good, but it's cheap and easy to change, so you might just do it sometime when you get the urge.

    As you said all the other fluids have been changed, so stay on top of the maintenance schedule and enjoy.

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    In early '92 (maybe most of the year) the original spark plugs were suspect with the tips falling off. GM replaces a lot of them under warranty. The plugs in my '92 failed around 30k miles - were supposed to last for 100k miles. A ignition scanner can check them for you.

    You might want to change the brake fluid as moisture can get in there and cause problems like rust and lower boiling points in the fluid.

    How are the tires? Original or replaced? If original, change the out for fresh ones.

    Rear axle fluid is probably okay. One issue was not enough friction modifiers from the factory allowing the rear axle to make noise in tight turns when cold. Are you hearing any popping or creaking noises from the rear when cold and doing tight turns? No - probably okay. And, yes on having to suck the fluid out. Either that or the rear cover has to be removed which also means disconnecting the rear suspension.

    Fuel filter, probably needs changing since moisture gets into the tank also and can cause some rust which gets into the filter. The problem there is the "X" brace under the car which gets in the way of the filter.

    Sounds like you got a good car however so I'm just trying to point out a few things to think about.

    Oh, don't hose down the motor at the car wash or in your driveway as the '92 OptiSpark will not like that.
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