• Chassis Lowering?
  • Chassis Lowering?
  • Chassis Lowering?
  • Chassis Lowering?

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    Default Chassis Lowering?

    I've seen quite a few C4's lowered in pics and a few of the avatars on the forum. I really like the the way it looks. Especially the '91 thru '96. Question: Do the tires ever rub up against the wheel wells when the car bounces at different speeds — straight-away or on curves — with or without custom wheels and oversized tires? Thanks

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    I think it looks cool as well. However, my '95 vette scrapes coming out of my driveway, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to lower it an inch or 2.

    Also, think about this. I can barely get the car on a lift in stock form.

    How will the tire and brake shops get the car in air ?

    Will the car bottom out on emissions testings when put on the dyno ? ( mine only has about 3/4 inch til the frame hits when I get it tested.
    You may not have emissions testing now. But it WILL be there eventually.

    What happens when you hit that 3 inch pothole ? will the spoiler break off ?

    Will you be able to get the car onto a flatbed if it ever dies and needs a tow ? ( I dont think so, most tow companies won't touch a lowered car)

    Will you be able to fit a jack under it to lift it when you get a flat ?
    Can you get the spair out ? Before you say yes here, I would like to sell tickets to watch while you try. You would need a small army of elves most likely.

    Being cool may keep you sitting on the side of the road.

    Just something to think about.

    Too many times people have come into my Dads shop asking him to raise a car or truck that was lowered. Complaints ranged from strange tire wear to busted oil pans, suspension, and gas tanks after running over a rock,log,large thing in the road etc.

    Is it worth it ?

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    I agree 100%. Its up to you in the end, but lowering a Vette will only cause more headaches!

    Plus, the handeling is great already, and GM built the car to be as slippery as possible at its current stance.

    It may look good, but is it worth it...?

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