This car was a theft recovery in Sacramento. It has a salvage title. I intended to restore this myself but I don't have the time to finish it. The car has approx. 71K miles

It left the factory with virtually every option for 1988. I have the build sheet, window sticker, and the factory service manuals.

The seats, door panels, sun visors, radio and speakers were stolen. Front and rear bumpers stolen (now replaced with 1996 parts). wheels and tires (replaced with 1988 corvette factory wheels and decent tires.) replaced steering column and lock assembly. New anti-theft system with new EPROM. ($500.00) I have the new key blanks but not yet gotten the actual ignition key.

At some point there was a SMALL fire near the distributor that resulted in damage to the wiring harness, distributor cap, two of the spark plug wires, and a couple of hoses and small parts near the distributor.

I have replaced the wiring harness ($575.00) the distributor ($275.00) and numerous small items. I believe the only fire damaged items not replaced are small relatively inexpensive items such as the trans dip stick.

The convertible top is in good condition except for a small area of wear where the drivers window (top rear) rubs against the top when the door closes with the window full up.

The interior (originally beige) was stripped out. There is new black carpet in the front. I have two good replacement door panels (Black/Graphite) not yet installed. I have a pair of sport seats and rails that need recovering. Good visors, 4 bose replacement speakers, speaker covers, black seat belts to replace the beige ones there now. There are numerous other parts I have purchased for this car that go with it.

Body damage is limited to about a six inch area on the right rear area of the real bumper where it was backed into something. A very easy repair. While the black paint looks good from a distance, any close inspection will show scratches, stress cracks, chips etc. I would certainly expect that the buyer would plan on painting it soon.

With a couple of weekends worth of work and a paint job this car would be one to be proud of. The car is NOT driveable at this time and the buyer will have to transport it at his/her expense. I will send pictures to anyone seriously interested in buying this car. Email

Currently asking $8500.00. The price will go up as I complete more work on it.