I have about a half dozen original C-4 Dealer promotional models, duplicates from my personal collection, to pass along. All of these were purchased by myself when new from Eppys Chevrolet here in Canton, Ohio and all remain in Mint boxed condition.

These are the models I have left: 1992 Black Rose Metallic Convertible (only one of these left), 1992 Yellow ZR-1 (this is the only Yellow C-4 hardtop ever modeled), 1994 Admiral Blue Metallic ZR-1 (one of the tougher colors to find, kind of an electric pearl blue), and 1994 Bright Aqua Metallic Convertible ( also one of the less common colors, kind of a teal blue).

All models are priced at $25 each plus shipping please. For additional photos or any further information please write to me direct at my email address which is
fift8imperial @yahoo,com
Thanks, Bruce100_0757-jpg100_0943-jpg