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Thread: fuel pressure

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    Default fuel pressure

    just purchased an 82 that won't start. if you pour a little gas in the throttle bodies it starts fine and idles for a second. took incoming fuel line off and cranked car and barely oozed out a little fuel. i'm going to replace fuel pump relay first. any idea's fella's.


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    I'm not too familiar with the Cross Fire but it should have an electric pump in the tank that will pump with just the key on. Usually these are a work or don't work thing. If it's still pumping a little try the fuel filter first. If not pumping with the filter off then jump the relay to get direct power to the pump. Then you will know it it's the pump or the relay that you need to buy.

    Dirty fuel filters will drastically shorten the life of in tank pumps on any modern car.

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