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    I agree with the others...Headers is only one part of the equation to get the gases out - to benefit your engine youll need to consider the intake side also : Intake, Carb, Fresh Air...

    I have Hooker SUper COmps. Jet Coated and like them alot. I have scrapped the bottom of the collectors a few times though , so if you get headers, consider how close to the ground they will be and what sort of roads you will be driving your vette on.


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    Default headers

    CCflorida I put a set on a brand new fire bird I bought in 76 kept blowing gaskets I put double gaskets on that stoped it were still on there when I sold it I had same problem on a 79 TransAm doubled up on gaskets on it was still holding up when I sold it But they are a pain to put on if you have all power ac,ps,and all that stuff But I will not put them on my vette It,s just not worth the head aches to me

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    When I bought my '74 (454), it had headers and side pipes which needed to be replaced. I replaced them with new Hooker headers (#2222) and side pipes (#2221). I didn't really notice much difference because I did not drive the car with "normal" exhaust. Also, at the time I did the exhaust, I also did the timing chain, added Rhodes lifters, a new cam shaft (don't remember which one, but it was a performance cam), plus a few other things. The car ran alot better after that.

    From a sound perspective, headers are the way to go. I'm partial to the sidepipes myself (awesome sound, and lots of it!), but they don't look good on all cars. My car was orange and the pipes were black.

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    Default Headers do work

    Put a set of Hooker super comps on my 454 a few years back. Dynoed before and after and picked up 60 hp and 90 ft-lbs! Dyno graph are on my webpage.
    Markus Strobl

    1971 Coupe, LS-5 454 EFI, Tremec 5-speed.

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