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    I need to adjust my T-tops on my 1982. I haven't had to do so before now. Any help would be appreciated.

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    DWC, There are a few places were the T-Tops on an '82 can be adjusted. The first is at the front latch. About all you can do here is screw it in or out. Out will tighten it and in will loosen it. The second place is at the rear of the top. Here you loosen the 2 torx screws and adjust it in various directions to get a smooth latching feel. The last place to adjust is a little harder to get to, and a little harder to get right. Under the rods(I don't know what else to call them) where the tops slide in to the "T" there are shims, are at least there were at one time. Again you take shims out to tighten add to loosen..........I hope this helps.......Steve

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    The nylon bushings are worn on my '81 causing the tops to rattle and creak on rough roads. I plan to replace these somtime this spring. The repair kit and front bushings are readily available from several sources.


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    Thanks for your replies. I also heard that when loosening the two tork screws on the rear plates, do not remove them or the plate inside will drop down into the frame! Merely loosen them and gently tap the rear plates. Your replies helped me get my t-tops adjusted!

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