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Thread: speed bleeders

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    robert kirk


    just received a set af speed bleeders they did not come with instructions. does any one know how these work and have you ever used them. looks like you just screw in and leave a little loose? have tubing and plan to bleed into jugs at each wheel thought these might make it a little easier. any info would be helpful and app. thanks robert

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    I have those speed bleeders as well, but when it was all said and done I had the brakes bled at the shop with
    a pressure system. ( peice of mind )

    The speed bleeders do work, though.

    You just screw them in to replace the original ones.
    And you dont want to crank them in.
    They have a ball in them that moves when you are bleeding the brakes. The fluid pushes the ball open when you are applying pressure. When you release the pressure the ball goes back into its seat and you then retighten the valve.
    All done.

    I have checked mine and approxiamately six months after the fact they ARE NOT leaking.

    Good luck ,
    Hope that is what you needed to knwo.


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    By the way,

    those bleeders make it so you can bleed the system by yourself. They dont allow air to get sucked back in.

    1- open the valve
    2- pump the brake pedal ( nice and even and slow )
    3- close the valve


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